Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation is the most dehumanizing trade. A victim in flesh trade is subjected to innumerable physical, sexual and psychological tortures, which leaves irreversible scars in the mind. No human person deserves to be forced into a situation that destroys dignity and damages the self for a lifetime. All efforts therefore need to be taken to prevent such a situation. Preventive interventions largely focus on second generation and the community at large. BAPU has initiated programs to target both the groups.
There are women and young girls who due to economic compulsions and socio-cultural factors are rendered option-less, making them vulnerable to deception or fraudulent means of traffickers. Lack of education makes them more vulnerable than others.  Involving the communities in prevention is the most sustainable option to combat a problem. Sensitization and ownership of the communities ensures that intervention continues irrespective of the presence or absence of a civil society organization. In view of the magnitude of the problem of trafficking, a need was felt to mobilize communities to combat the crime. This was done through the formation of Community Based Prevention Programs. The team takes up sensitization of communities as part of anti-trafficking campaigns. By targeting adolescent girls, men and women from all walks of life the team creates awareness. In this process, stakeholders such as police, government officials, students, and many others are educated about the prevalence and dangers of the sex trade.