Our Initiatives

BAPU has planned lot of initiatives for the days to come and most of them are focused on the sustainability of the organization and a few to encompass more social issues which are now major hurdles in the way of societal development. BAPU is one organization which is keenly working as brick layer pertinent to development against all stereotype and prejudice philosophy of the society. The highlighted innovations are :
  • BAPU planned of few permanent outlets which will exhibit the products of the SHG groups and adolescent groups in few popular destination of the state and in the days to come we wish to scatter more such outlets in other states of the nation as well.
  • BAPU have plan to appoint designers to develop world class products after reinstating designer courses in order to improve the quality of the products and ensure that the same products earn international demand and popularity.
  • BAPU have plan to impart IT skill development among all the SHG groups and adolescents to ensure that they get connected and handle android and Windows software and get connected with the world.